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A Heartwarming Fundraiser for Stimami Sterilisami by Les Cappuchinas Café

February at Les Cappuchinas Café & Eaterie was transformed into a beacon of hope for stray animals across Aruba in the spirit of love and compassion. Demonstrating a remarkable commitment to animal welfare, the café launched a unique fundraising initiative, "Month of Love for Our Furry Friends," dedicating their efforts to support our mission at Stimami Sterilisami Foundation. Their campaign was a touching example of how local businesses can make a substantial difference in the community.

A Culinary Celebration for a Cause

Throughout the month, Les Cappuchinas delighted patrons with a special menu crafted to charm and give back. From the Dalmatian Latte to Cat and paw-shaped Butter Cookies, the café infused creativity and care into each item. It was not just a treat for the taste buds; the proceeds from these sales were generously donated to our foundation, culminating in a total contribution of Afl. 1,300.

This substantial sum will directly fuel our ongoing efforts to sterilize and care for the stray dogs and cats of Aruba, a core mission of our foundation aimed at ensuring a healthier and safer life for these animals.

A Message from the Heart

Susanne Li, the spirited Director of Les Cappuchinas, shared her thoughts on the initiative: "We hope that in the near future, we can continue to host similar events to raise awareness for our furry friends and encourage more community involvement. Although the funds raised were less than anticipated, it marks a significant first step towards garnering more interest and support for animal welfare. We are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this cause and look forward to what we can achieve together in the future."

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We at Stimami Sterilisami are profoundly grateful to Les Cappuchinas for their initiative and to everyone who participated in making this event a success. Their efforts remind us of the powerful impact that committed individuals and businesses can have on our community's well-being.

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