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  • How does Stimami Sterilisami's national spay and neuter program work?
    Pet owners can register their pets via our registration page for subsidized spaying and neutering services. The price includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, anesthesia, and a mandatory microchip for pets not yet microchipped. Additional fees apply for pets over 25 kilograms or if they are in heat or pregnant.
  • Are there any requirements for my pet before undergoing the procedure?
    Your pet should be in good health and of sufficient age to undergo the operation. It's important to disclose any health concerns or existing conditions to the veterinarian prior to the procedure. If you are uncertain about your pet's health or would like to be cautious, we recommend scheduling a consultation with the vet prior to the procedure to ensure that your pet is qualified to undergo the surgery.
  • How long does the recovery process take after spaying/neutering?
    Recovery times can vary, but most pets recover within a few days to a week. Your veterinarian will provide specific aftercare instructions and guidelines to ensure a smooth recovery.
  • Why should I spay or neuter my pet?
    Spaying or neutering your pet has numerous benefits including improving their health, reducing aggressive behaviors, and preventing unwanted litters. It's a responsible choice that contributes to the community's well-being and reduces the number of stray animals.
  • Can all breeds of dogs and cats be spayed/neutered under this program?
    Yes, our program is inclusive of all breeds of dogs and cats. However, special considerations may apply for certain breeds or individual health cases, so please consult with the participating veterinarian.
  • What ensures the transparency and accountability of Stimami Sterilisami?
    As a non-profit entity, we ensure that 100% of donations are directed towards sterilization initiatives. Our financial records are regularly audited and open to the public, upholding the highest standards of transparency and accountability.
  • How can I donate to Stimami Sterilisami Foundation?
    We deeply appreciate your interest in supporting our cause. Donations play a crucial role in enabling us to continue our work in reducing pet overpopulation and promoting responsible pet ownership in Aruba. You can make a donation to the following account: Bank Name: Aruba Bank Account Number: 6012630190 Account Name: FUNDASHON STIMAMI STERILISAMI Swift Code: ARUBAWAX Every contribution, big or small, helps us make a significant difference in the lives of animals and our community. For more details on how your donation will be used, or if you need assistance with the donation process, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Is the microchip registration included in the spay/neuter program?
    Yes, the cost of the program includes the implantation of a microchip. This is mandatory for pets not yet microchipped, and it's a crucial step in responsible pet ownership.
  • What are the additional benefits of spaying and neutering?
    Beyond preventing unwanted litters, sterilization decreases risks of reproductive illnesses and cancers, curbs aggressive and roaming behaviors, and lessens the financial and emotional strain on communities and rescue organizations.
  • What is Stimami Sterilisami Foundation?
    Stimami Sterilisami Foundation is non-profit organization dedicated to addressing Aruba's pet overpopulation crisis. Our mission is to promote responsible pet ownership and humanely reduce the stray animal population through our national spay and neuter program.
  • How has Stimami Sterilisami Foundation impacted the community?
    Since our inception in 2016 and up to November of 2023, we have facilitated the sterilization of over 35,500 cats and dogs. This significant achievement has a far-reaching impact on the community in several ways: Prevention of Overpopulation: One of the most direct impacts of our sterilization program is the substantial reduction in the growth of stray animal populations. A single unspayed female dog and her offspring can produce thousands of puppies in just five years. Similarly, a female cat can be responsible for as many as 420,000 kittens in seven years under optimal breeding conditions. By sterilizing over 35,500 animals, we have potentially prevented millions of unwanted litters. This directly contributes to reducing the number of animals that end up roaming the streets. Safer Roads and Public Spaces: With fewer stray animals, particularly dogs, wandering into roads and public areas, the risk of accidents and injuries both to the animals and to people, including motorists and pedestrians, is significantly reduced. This makes for safer roads and public spaces. Relief for Animal Shelters and Rescue Organizations: Our efforts have also eased the burden on local animal shelters and rescue organizations. With fewer stray animals, these groups can allocate their resources more effectively to care for animals in need, rather than being overwhelmed by constant influxes of new strays. Community Health and Safety: By reducing the stray animal population, we also mitigate health risks associated with stray animals, such as the spread of rabies and other diseases. A lower stray population means a healthier environment for the community. Promotion of Responsible Pet Ownership: Our program educates and encourages pet owners to take responsibility for their pets' health and well-being. This fosters a more compassionate and aware community regarding animal welfare. Overall, the impact of the Stimami Sterilisami Foundation extends beyond the immediate benefit of sterilization. It contributes to a healthier, safer, and more humane environment for both animals and residents in Aruba, aligning with our vision for a better future for all.
  • What are the costs for spaying and neutering?
    Costs vary depending on the type and sex of the pet. The customer co-pay, which is what what the customer actually has to pay, ranges from 45 to 150 AFL, with Stimami Sterilisami subsidizing the remainder.
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