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Stimami. Sterilisami.

Addressing Aruba's Stray Animal Crisis by Humanely Reducing Numbers and Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership for a Better Aruba

More than 37,000 sterilizations done so far

How the program works

The spay and neutering prices for dogs and cats weighing less than 25 kilograms are as follows:

The price includes antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, anesthesia, and a microchip. The microchip is mandatory for pets who are not yet microchipped. If you choose not to microchip your pet during this procedure, please be aware that this will disqualify you from receiving the Stimami Sterilisami subsidy and you will have to pay the total sterilization price.


For dogs weighing more than 25 kilograms, the pet owner must pay an additional fee of AFL 50 in addition to the total price. If the dog or cat is in heat or pregnant, the clinic may charge an extra fee due to the increased complexity and higher risks involved in the procedure. The dog or cat must be sufficiently old and in good health to undergo the operation.

To qualify for the subsidy, please follow the steps mentioned below


Register online!

To be eligible to receive Stimami's subsidy, pet owners and foundations are required to complete the simple online registration process. Please note that only online registrations will be accepted as valid.


You will receive a registration number via email. Without a valid email, the registration cannot be completed.


Go to the vet 

Within 7 days of registration, you must go to the participating vet clinic to schedule an appointment and pay for the operation of your pet. The participating clinic is:

- VSH Veterinary Specialty Hospital Aruba: Ernesto Petronia 88


Complete the registration

Once you're at the clinic, you will need to complete the following: 

Provide the veterinarian with the registration number you received via email.

- Pay the co-pay (your portion) for the operation (Stimami Sterilisami will cover the remaining portion).

- Receive an appointment for the operation. 

- Receive a proof of payment for your portion of the operation.

Why spay or neuter your pet?

By taking the responsible step of spaying or neutering your beloved pet, whether it's a cat or a dog, you not only contribute to the vital task of curbing the growth of stray cat and dog populations, but also prioritize the long-term health and well-being of your own pet. Together, we can make a difference in our community, sparing innocent animals from the anguish of starvation, illness, and the heartbreaking fate of being euthanized in "kill cages." Act now to ensure a brighter, compassionate tomorrow.


- Health Benefits: Sterilization can help prevent certain health issues such as cancer and reproductive infections. This promotes a longer and healthier life for your pet.

- Behavior Improvement: Sterilizing your pet can help reduce undesirable behaviors like aggression.

- Long-Term Cost Savings: Sterilization is more cost-effective than the expenses involved in breeding puppies, including veterinary care and vaccinations.

- No Unwanted Puppies: By sterilizing your pet, you become a responsible pet owner who cares for their health and helps prevent unwanted litters.

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