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Les Cappuchinas Partners with Stimami Sterilisami in a Heartwarming Effort to Help Aruba’s Dogs & Cats

Stimami Sterilisami Foundation is thrilled to announce that Les Cappuchinas Café & Eaterie launched a heartwarming initiative and tantalizing menu aimed at raising funds to support the foundation's efforts to tackle the island's stray animal crisis. The special menu will be available all throughout the enchanting month of February, dubbed by the Les Cappuchinas team as the "Month of Love for Our Furry Friends."

In this special promotion, the elegant and cozy café nestled in the heart of Oranjestad will offer an array of exclusive items including the Dalmatian Latte (Oreo Latte), Dalmatian Croffle (Oreo Croffle), Cat & Paw shaped Butter Cookies, and themed Cupcakes. 80% of the proceeds from these sales will be generously donated to Stimami Sterilisami, aiding the foundation’s efforts in pet sterilization and welfare awareness.

Deserts made by Les Cappuchinas in honor of Stimami Sterilisami

Discover the charm of Les Cappuchinas, featuring an elegant and cozy indoor space complete with air conditioning for those seeking comfort, or step into their delightful outdoor pet-friendly garden. This serene oasis, encircled by lush local Dragonfruit, Mango, and Soursop trees, offers the perfect setting to savor their delightful treats alongside your furry companions. Regardless of your dining preference, the cafe ensures a tranquil ambiance with Wi-Fi access throughout, providing customers with a peaceful setting to work and enjoy their experience.

Les Cappuchinas Aruba Team raising funds for Stimami Sterilisami

"At Les Cappuchinas, we believe in the power of community and compassion to make a real difference. This collaboration with Stimami Sterilisami embodies our shared vision and efforts for a better future for our furry friends on the island. Together, through this special initiative, we aim to not only raise funds but also raise awareness about the critical issue of stray animal overpopulation. It's more than just about serving delicious food and drinks; it's about serving our community and giving back to those who don't have a voice. We are proud to stand alongside Stimami Sterilisami and invite our customers to join us in this meaningful journey," Susanne Li, Director of Les Cappuchinas shares. 

Stimami Sterilisami Foundation is absolutely thrilled and deeply grateful for the incredible support. We invite everyone to visit Les Cappuchinas Café & Eaterie, to partake in this delightful and meaningful promotion. Your participation will contribute to a brighter future for Aruba's beloved animal population.

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