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Stimami Sterilisami Foundation Achieves Almost 35,000 Pet Sterilization Procedures!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Stimami Sterilisami Foundation's Milestone in Aruba's Pet Sterilization

From January to September 2023, Stimami Sterilisami's dedicated efforts have resulted in the successful sterilization of over 3,475 cats and dogs this year so far. This accomplishment contributes to an impressive total of 34,638 sterilizations since the campaign's start in 2016. With these latest efforts, the organization is well on its way to reaching its ambitious target of 5,000 spay and neuter procedures by the end of this year.

These figures go beyond mere statistics; they represent a wave of transformative benefits for Aruba's community.

Why Sterilization Matters

The issue of stray overpopulation begins with these unwanted litters. By sterilizing our furry friends, we strike at the heart of this escalating concern, effectively reducing the number of animals that might otherwise face a life of neglect, homelessness, or worse. This crucial intervention helps to stabilize the stray population, ensuring that fewer animals suffer from the harsh realities of life on the streets, such as hunger, disease, and abuse.

Stray cats in Aruba

Moreover, preventing unwanted litters is a key factor in mitigating various community challenges. It reduces the pressure on our already stretched-thin animal shelters and rescue organizations, ensuring they can provide better care for the animals they shelter. By curbing the stray population, we also alleviate the burden on governmental resources that would otherwise be spent on managing and addressing issues related to stray animals. This includes savings in public health, safety, and environmental cleanup efforts. Furthermore, a controlled pet population means fewer incidents related to strays, leading to reduced public complaints and administrative tasks for local authorities. It also lessens the environmental impact and health risks associated with a large stray population, contributing to a cleaner, safer living environment for all.

In addition to these community and environmental benefits, controlling the stray population through sterilization has a compassionate ripple effect. It leads to fewer instances of animal cruelty and abandonment, as fewer distressed animals roam the streets. This not only enhances the overall well-being of our existing animal population but also fosters a more humane and empathetic society.

Our concerted sterilization efforts also enhance Aruba's standing as a tourist haven. A visible commitment to animal welfare doesn't just speak to our cultural compassion; it also resonates with our visitors' experiences. Tourism, a vital artery of our nation's economy, thrives on the beauty and tranquility of our surroundings. The sight of healthy, well-cared-for animals in our communities contributes positively to the overall tourist experience. This commitment doesn't just preserve our appeal to those who have already chosen Aruba but also serves as a compelling narrative for potential visitors planning their next journey.

Through these dedicated sterilization efforts, we are not just preventing unwanted births; we are nurturing a more responsible, compassionate, and prosperous community. Each procedure marks a step towards a future where every cat and dog in Aruba can lead a healthy, cared-for life, and our society can thrive with the knowledge that we are all part of a more humane world.

Join Us in This Collective Effort

Stimami Sterilisami Foundation invites the entire Aruban population, as well as local animal rescue volunteer organizations, to become part of this important mission. Register your pets with us via and take advantage of our subsidy program, which provides up to a 45% discount on the cost of sterilization procedures for your beloved animals. Stimami Sterilisami’s goal is to make sterilization more accessible and affordable for everyone, ensuring a healthier, happier future for Aruba's pets and community. Register today!

Register pets to stimami sterilisami's national spay and neuter program

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